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Esco Style Tooth Measurement

Tooth Measurement

Referance for Esco style teeth, pins and retainers Measure across the inside back of the tooth at the same level of the pin

The thickness of the cutting edge is a guide to the tooth size, example: Esco 25 fits a 25mm edge, Esco 35 fits a 35mm edge
Tooth Part No. Measurement “A” Measurement “B” Pin Pin Length Lock Lock Length
E18 37mm 47mm 18N 52mm 18LK
E25 58mm 64mm 25-30PN 73mm 25-30LK
E30 58mm 74mm 25-30PN 73mm 25-30LK
E35 72mm 90mm 35PN 83mm 35-40LK 51.5mm
E40 72mm 98mm 40PN 92mm 35-40LK 51.5mm
If you are not sure of what tooth fits your machine, send an email or give us a ring we will be happy to help.

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