• Secure online transactions with up to 256-bit encryption


  • This site is installed with a dedicated SSL, also know as a website security certificate, enables our visitors to see our company name and website address when viewing the SSL certificate details, thus adding to your confidence regarding our website’s security.


  • SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer technology. It is the industry standard method for securing the transfer of sensitive data such as credit card information between a web browser and a server.


  • It is theoretically possible for data sent from a non-secure website to be intercepted by a hacker.


  • An SSL certificate encrypts the data so that it can only be read by the authorised server which means if the encrypted data is intercepted it is completely unreadable.


  • When you go to the payment page and put in your credit card details the visibility in the form of a padlock in the information browser at the top of the page will appear.  This provides customers with added confidence and assurance that our company is legitimate and your credit card details when making your credit card purchase are secure.


  • A Dedicated SSL certificate protects both our information and our customers by establishing a secure, encrypted link between our website and the customers for all online transactions


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